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Established in January 1993, Guangzhou Superocean Industry Development Co., Ltd. (formerly known as “Hong Cheng Shoes”) is a professional children's shoe designer and manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China. For the past 30 years, we have focused exclusively in the children's footwear market. Through decades of continuous improvements into our product designs and manufacturing process, we have earned the trust of our many global customers to become a leading manufacturer partner of choice in the children's footwear market.

Since 2010, our talented team of professionals have collaborated closely with Italian-based shoe design studio, WorkShop, to help drive the development of over 1000 new products annually. Our partnership with Workshop allows us to curate rich insights into understanding future market fashion trends along with the capability to match our customer needs. This key partnership enables us to be competitive at the forefront of innovation within our industry.

Our production facility in Guangzhou, China integrates traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology and innovation. The combination of our domain expertise together with our talented professional staff has continuously satisfied our customers' needs for excellence.

You can work with us in two following ways:

(1)Order from Inventory: You can become a local agent and/or distributor of our proprietary brand “Princepard” which specializes in children's orthopedic shoes. You can purchase directly from our existing inventory with a short lead time of two weeks.

(2)Custom-Made Products: You can work with our technicians and design teams to develop custom-made products under your brand. Our team will support you throughout the whole service journey, from selling sample developments to bulk productions. The MOQ for custom-made products is 300 pairs/style/color, and the lead time is within two months. Rest assured that the design we co-develop will be exclusively for your brand.


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We adhere to strict protocols at each step of our production. Products must pass our internal standards and rigorous testing before they are delivered to our customers. If required, our products will obtain independent authority testing approval for your specific needs. This promise earns us the reputation of being the best in class in quality assurance among our peers.

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Decades of experience have allowed us to understand our clients from various backgrounds. Whether you are a professional industry veteran or a fresh thinker who aspires to get into the industry, we can always find ways to work together. Give us a sketch and we will show you the possibilities.


Our pursuit of innovation and creativity empowers us to seek the new trends constantly. Our internal design and technician teams along with an external design partner enable us to develop more diversified products catering to various aesthetic standards. As of today, we have accumulated over 20,000 fashionable footwear designs.



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