Customization Process

The customization process comprises of three major parts: sample developments, mass production, and after-sales services. One of our sales managers will be your point of contact throughout the whole service journey. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding any particular process.

Sample Developments

Our dedicated designers and technicians, each with 30 years of industry experience on average, would provide you with the highest level of product innovations and product functionality. The sample development process typically takes one to two weeks. Once completed, samples will be shipped to your address with best-in-class delivery services.

Quality Control in the Mass Production Process

The quality control process constitutes several components. In the beginning, confirmation samples are developed to set the quality and material benchmarks for all mass production products. Material specialists will perform full inspections on the materials once they are acquired. We will bring your attention if there is any misalignment. Trial production will be conducted to examine whether products in each size are produced in the correct metrics. During the mass production process, full-time quality controllers will make an inline inspection of all products before packaging. After the production, we will conduct another round of internal assessments. Only then will we invite your delegate to make the final inspection. Any unqualified products will be remade or adjusted until complete satisfaction.

After-Sales Services

Our service continues even after you receive our products. We will provide you with all the necessary helps to ensure products are delivered to your customers with the highest satisfaction.

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